“Your meals are better than anything I’d make for myself! I was licking the inside of the bag!”



No two clients are the same! No cookie cutter-meals – every breakfast, lunch, and dinner is put together with your health goals in mind.


How often would you like your meals delivered? How many per week? We’ll craft a schedule that fits with your schedule and how you live day-to-day.


You’re never locked in – your meal plan will grow and change with you over time as you reach fitness milestones and your goals change over time.

We’re Not Just Preparing Your Food; We’re Also Clients.

We strongly believe that if you are providing a service, you should be the byproduct of its result. We are a family-based business that started because our clients, friends, and family were noticing how we were prepping our own meals and how delicious they looked. We prepared a couple samplers, and it took off from there. Boom!

We’re Not Like Our Competition—We Live This Lifestyle!

The meal prep phenomenon has attracted some good—and some not so good—companies. We want to make this clear, we are fitness enthusiasts and nutritionists who care about where mankind and our planet is headed. And understand that if we don’t take our healthcare seriously, from everything we put in our bodies to what fitness regimens we do, we will only continue to be a sick and unhealthy world.


Our meals are available for pickup from Cityfitt in San Dimas, CA, or for delivery in the greater Los Angeles Metro area. We’re looking to expand soon!

Want us to deliver to your area? Let us know!

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Every entree and side is divided into sensible portions, and vacuum-sealed for ultimate freshness.


Your meals are handled with the highest in safety standards, and then frozen for freshness upon arrival. We recommend heating our meals sous-vide to retain moisture, flavor, and nutrients.


No need to be home – your meals will be thoughtfully delivered and waiting for you on your doorstep on a day and time that coordinates best with your busy schedule.


Get ready to grub

The Get Fit Plan

$850+per meal
  • Our plan for those who just wanna eat clean and get fit. Or, just want to buy individual servings of some of your favorites? This is for you too!

The Shred Plan

  • Our get lean program for those that have lost most of the weight, and are trying to get that body a little tighter.

The Bulk Plan

  • Our get swole program, geared towards those who’d like to add some weight and muscle to their frame.

The Contest Prep Plan

  • Getting ready for a fitness contest? Contact our head trainer for details on your customized plan to get you to the podium.


Let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of it right away.

Just give us a call at (626) 214-8670, or email us at hello@cityfitt.com.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals